In the Frame-Atelier you find frames of renowned manufacturers from Italy, Germany and Spain. The assortment of the frames is extensive and you will find almost all style-directions of the 6 centuries. If you want for reasons of the authenticity, as with the old masters, a canvas-picture on frame you can choose from the work-assortment the corresponding frame. These frames have a fold on the back with the necessary depth. A support-frame should not tide over on the back more than 5-7 mm. In the case that you choose a frame with a flatter back fold, we mount the painting on 3 mm wood-fibre so that it fits ideal in the frame. Watercolour-pictures, with or without Passepartout, as well are supported on wood-fibre and can be fitted into all the frames of the assortment.

stretcher frame 01Optional we deliver the painting on original support frames. The support frame is adapted in height and width in accordance to the painting, this is to provide an even tension across the surface of the canvas, so that the final measurements of the painting may vary a few millimetres. We use support frames selected from the best quality spruce and pine trees. Skilled supervision of the drying process guarantees the minimum of lateral torsion.

stretcher frame 02In order to obtain the maximum stability required for the support frames, we use only extra strong profile-woods with 50 mm width and 20 mm strength. For XXXL formats we manufacture diagonal and cross struts to ensure that the stabilization of the support frames is guaranteed. The decision, on which form support frames are necessary, is based on our long experience and our trusted carriers for your contentment.

Water colour paintings, drawings and other artistic works on paper are framed under glass. Important in this case is the distance between the painting and the glass. The particles of pigment in the paint (our extremely efficient method of printing is based on pigment-colours) can start to adhere to the protective glass covering of the canvas and to prevent unnecessary picture deterioration a passepartout is fitted between the canvas and the glass so as to avoid direct contact. This principle also applies to watercolour, pastels or lithographic paintings. A passepartout - window provides the necessary distance and protects your artwork. CopiArte delivers only high-quality passepartout materials from recommended paper restorers. These are acidity-freely and manufactured 100% from bleached cellulose and free from lignified fibres, lignin and resins. They fulfil highest quality standards for archiving and conservation of the most valuable paintings. For security-reasons and the danger of brakes during the transportation, CopiArte does not delivers glazed pictures. A glazier on the spot can cut for you inexpensively and quick the necessary sizes.

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